Five reasons why we loved Q Festival’s baby rave

Families who are looking for a festival where the kids don’t have to wear wellies or noise-cancelling headphones might find what they are looking for at this year’s Q Festival on Gateshead’s Quayside.

Little C gets to grips with the Q Festival programme.

On Saturday morning, my one-year-old son, little C, H and I took the bus to Newcastle at 9am – bound for a coffee-fuelled baby rave – yes … you heard that right!

The event was hosted by North East family-focused organisation, Chalk as part of this year’s Q Festival in the Spiegeltent on Baltic Quay. Here are five reasons why we loved it and would recommend it.

Reason 1 …

With a live DJ, 80s’ sensory projections, power-grabbing and hula-hooping, watching a tent full of knee-high clubbers bouncing around was certainly more fun than having to do the ‘hokey cokey’ and listen to a load of nauseating nursery rhymes.

Reason 2 …

I did start to wonder if someone had spiked the orange cordial as H started busting moves on the dancefloor bathed in bubbles. Little C meanwhile quickly got to grips with glow sticks, face-paint and a feather boa. Thankfully it wasn’t the other way around.

Reason 3 …

The event certainly made us feel young again as most revellers were under the age of five. It was a chance to bounce around to eighties hits from The Cure, Bowie, The Smiths and New Order and relive the glory days without having to fork out a fortune on a childminder.

Reason 4 …

The queue for the dressing up box was longer than the one for a four-shot latte. Parents got to suit up with shoulder pads at the Power Suit Bar and dress to impress themselves.

Reason 5 …

It was an event without stress. The only tears came when we had to leave. Now that I can cope with. Roll on next year, we’ll be there!


Chalk events are targeted at families. All welcome as long as there are both adults and children in your party.  The Breakfast Club Coffee Rave was staged as part of Q Festival; an exciting new collaboration between Gateshead Council and Jesterval Comedy Festival. The cost was adults, £7, and children £7 too. The Facebook page is @QFestivalGateshead

For video footage and more pictures of the event, head over to @ofsaffronandcyrus on Instagram.


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