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Different brew for remote-working caffeine addicts

caffeine free alternative

Working remotely with the kettle just steps away, the temptation to grab just one more brew is real for us. However, the effects of too much caffeine has been playing havoc with our sleep and anxiety levels. That’s definitely something none of us need in the current climate. 

We are not alone. According to the British Coffee Association (BCA)*, People in the UK drink 95 million cups of coffee a day.

While looking for ways to reduce the amount we consume, we discovered the Barleycup range of instant hot drinks.

Organic alternative

It is 100% natural and organic alternative to caffeinated drinks, made from roasted barley, rye and chicory roots. There are no artificial additives and it is entirely caffeine-free. Another great thing for me (since I’ve been eating too much shortbread) is that it contains just 10k cals a cup.

Just add hot water and you’re ready to head back to the remote-working hot seat. It’s tasty on its own, as well as with milk.

Lockdown recipe hacks:

  • Barleycup a la Cappuccino – If you love a cappuccino, try Barleycup a la Cappuccino. After adding 100mls of boiling water to two teaspoons of Barleycup, pour it into a mug, filling just a third. Then heat 100mls of milk and whisk to create a froth (you can use a whisk or hand blender). Pour the milk into the mug and top with the froth, sprinkling it with cinnamon or grated chocolate to serve.
  • Barleycup Latte Macchiato – If lattes are your drink of choice, the Barleycup Latte Macchiato can keep the cravings at bay.  The recipe combines 200mls of milk with a vanilla pod which is heated but not boiling. Once the pod is removed is whisked into a thick foam. The Barleycup is then added to a tall heatproof glass with hot water and mixed well. The milk is poured into the glass, very slowly and down the side of the glass, to create two layers. If it’s poured out too quickly, then it becomes a cappuccino. The remaining milk foam is then spooned over the top before serving.
  • Creamy Barleycup with Coconut Oil – quick and easy recipe for one. Pour 200ml of boiling water over two teaspoons of Barleycup in a blender. Add one teaspoon of coconut oil and ground cardamom and blend until the smooth. Once hot, pour the mixture into a tall glass or mug.  Simultaneously add 50mls of almond milk and three teaspoons of the honey into a pan and heat.  Then pour over the mixture the glass or mug and serve.

*Source: The UK coffee market and its impact on the economy. A report for the British Coffee Association 

Where to buy:

Barleycup Powder and Barleycup Granules are available in 200g jars from Holland & Barrett retailing at £4.99 and £5.69 respectively. To find out more about Barleycup, visit: www.barleycup.co.uk. 


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