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Cyrus Conquers Jurassic Greens: Dino-Mite Day at Heighley Gate

Mini golf

Salaam, fellow adventurers and aspiring golfers! Today, I’m thrilled to share our latest trip out at the Dinosaur Encounter Golf in Heighley Gate Garden Centre, Morpeth. Brace yourselves for a prehistoric putt-putt, because our little tribe had a roaring good time!

As any parent knows, we all secretly dream of our kids becoming champions at something. For me, that something is still as mysterious as the Loch Ness Monster, but the quest continues. Tennis? Splashing swim sessions? Weekly football classes? Check, check, and check. But what about golf?

Enter Dinosaur Encounter Golf, nestled in the heart of Northumberland, where Cyrus took the lead, armed with a mini putter and a ball, navigating obstacles and tricky turns. There are 12 holes, a majestic waterfall, and 10 life-sized dinosaurs waiting to welcome you to the Jurassic Greens. It was a roaring success – pun intended!

The course is not just about putting skills; it’s an educational expedition through time with fun prehistoric facts scattered around like treasures in a Persian rug shop. You can take a stroll with the dinosaurs, minus the danger (and with a lot more giggles). As Cyrus took on the challenges, he roared with delight every time he scored, probably wondering if his ancestors were this good at mini golf too or if they preferred a more traditional Persian sport, like camel polo.

Now, let’s talk budget because, let’s face it, family fun sometimes comes with a hefty price tag. Our game set us back £8.50, and after a round of coffee and snacks, our £20 note had seen better days. We might not be royalty, but for the monstrous fun we had, it was worth every “toman.” ( or penny)

Top Five Tips for Families Conquering Mini Golf Adventures:

  1. Master the Art of Tarof: When the bill arrives, just do a dance of tarof. For anyone not aware of what this is, tarof is a culturally significant aspect of Persian etiquette. It’s a system of politeness where individuals offer things – expecting the other person to initially refuse, even if they actually want or need what is being offered.
  2. Roar with Confidence: Mini golf is all about flair! Encourage your little ones to roar with confidence after every successful putt. It’s scientifically proven that it improves putting accuracy by 99.9%.
  3. Persian Picnic Prep: Before you hit the greens, pack a Persian-inspired picnic. Think kebabs, pomegranates, and maybe a touch of saffron. A well-fed adventurer is a happy adventurer.
  4. Persian Proverbs for Putting Precision: Integrate Persian proverbs into your putting pep talks. For example, “As the golfer putts, so rolls the ball. May your strokes be as smooth as a silk rug!”
  5. Persian Rugs: The Ultimate Putting Mats: Unleash the power of Persian rugs! Lay one down at home, let the little ones practice their putting skills, and soon, they’ll be mini golf maestros on any course.

If you’ve caught the mini golf bug like we have, the North East has a treasure trove of family-friendly adventure golf courses waiting to be conquered. We’ve got our sights set on the Forgotten Crazy Golf at Alnwick Garden in Northumberland and the Lost World Adventure Golf in Tynemouth. Little C is already sharpening his putting skills for these future Persian conquests!

So, if you’re ready to trade your regular weekend plans for a dino-mite day out, pack your putters, grab your Sat Nav, and head to Heighley Gate Garden Centre. Who knows, your little one might discover their inner golf champion while exploring the Jurassic Greens.

If you enjoyed this mini golf and adventure post with a dash of Persian spice, make sure to keep up with our days out on Saffron and Cyrus for more laughs, fun, and a sprinkle of saffron in every adventure! Until next time, fellow explorers!


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