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Creative kids activities when you’re working from home

Working from home with the kids when the sun begins to creep out means it’s often trickier to keep them entertained indoors. There are ways to curb some of the boredom though without having to step outside. You just need to get creative and awaken your inner child. Here are some of the things we are doing as a family to keep motivated and inspired during lockdown.

Crafting in the conservatory

Our conservatory has always been the one room in our house that we don’t really use because it remained unfurnished. That was until lockdown. As H and I found our WFH space, Cyrus found his too in the most light and airy room of our house. The conservatory was transformed into his very own craft workshop and our mini-maker got creative while we worked, surrounded by art materials, including pens, pencils, stickers, paint, dinosaurs and anything else that sparked his imagination on a day-to-day basis. We also discovered free fonts from Font Bundles which were a great source for creativity. We love Baby Crab’s Handwritten Font!

working from home
Crafting in the conservatory

Creating a lockdown scrapbook

With our pint-sized Picasso producing hundreds of pictures, paintings and collages during lockdown, H and I now want to keep them all safe and creating a lockdown memory scrapbook seems like an obvious thing to do. After all, this is a moment in our history none of us are going to forget in a hurry and treasuring the good times we’ve experienced keeps us optimistic.

There are plenty of fun ways to create personalised scrap books with your photos and artwork that will remind you and your family of how you spent your time in 2020. While I appreciate that everyone’s experiences have been different and there will be some things that people would rather forget, this is about focusing solely on the positive moments in life.

Working from home

Bringing artwork to life

We have collated all of our memories in a folder until I work out the best way to present the artwork! As C starts school in September we thought sharing his artwork with his new teacher would be a great way of him settling in, bonding and help him feel like he’s achieved something special. We’re looking to use Design Bundles to bring his pages of artwork to life.

Today we got our crafting caps on to look at what we might include in his scrapbook. Design Bundles offers affordable digital products such as patterns, illustrations, templates, graphics and craft files that are much cheaper than most other outlets. As saving pennies is super important to our little family at this uncertain time, Design Bundles products are perfect for us to create a very special historical book.

Is it Christmas yet?

We’ve even been thinking ahead to Christmas because they do a great range of Christmas SVG perfect for Christmas items, such as baubles, crafts, gifts for the family and even Santa sacks. There are literally loads of fun designs to choose from. So if you’re looking to create hand-made gifts, it’s the perfect place to start.

SVG Design Shoppe on Design Bundles

As a full-time working mum, who usually burns the candle at both ends, the past few months have been a blessing for me. Being at home during the pandemic and spending quality time with Cyrus has made me realise that my old way of life was quite hectic! And H and I have already begin to change things for the better.

Life before lockdown

We need to stop being so busy. Prior to lockdown we had drop-offs and pick-ups from nursery every day, I was working five days a week and blogging, whilst running the house, doing the shopping, gym routine and kids parties. H was working six days a week at times. We didn’t have time for time-out and honestly, it was just too much.

Lockdown has enabled us to slow down, albeit some days it has felt like treading water, but we have done things that have helped us relax and make us happy. Crafting with little C during my staycations in lockdown has been the key to help me unwind, chill and relax. If you’re looking for a hobby I recommend it because creating things together with C has been so much fun and also really satisfying.

As he gets older, I’m going to start using Design Bundles more because I like to be organised at home and there’s nothing I like more than labelling things ready for school! As we’ll be getting the bus on a daily basis, I’m looking to Design Bundles range of school bus svg to seek inspiration from our chosen mode of transport.

Ideas for weddings

Of course, you don’t have to stop there. If you have a wedding coming up, there are plenty of templates you can use to help cut the cost. We all know that weddings can be really expensive, and we cut costs by making our own invitations and table settings all those years ago. I just wish we’d had known about Design Bundles then though as it would have made things a lot easier and saved us time.

Do you enjoy crafting? Let me know what you’ve been up to during lockdown if you’ve been working from home with the kids. Have you used Design Bundles at all?

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