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Cyrus and Miffy’s excellent adventure and the power of online engagement

For those who know me, by day I’m a PR Account Manager working for a leading ‘family-friendly’ North East communications agency. But by night, I’m also a contributor, writer and blogger as well. As such, I’ve come to the conclusion that old-fashioned PR on its own is no longer the...


How to manage a super messy baby after nursery…and some bath time reviews

Combine messy play, weaning and sensory activities and the result is one super dirty baby that’s caked in everything from shaving foam to tomato sauce. Now while messy play gives Cyrus the opportunity to be creative (and I’m all for that given where I work @inspirebeliefstudio), the gloop, goo and...


Why I caved in and bought a Sophie la Giraffe

As I type this post, six-month old Cyrus is currently hurling around a rubber giraffe ring gleefully, chewing on it and covering it in a rather sticky, thick layer of gloop. Now while I’m not one for buying unnecessary ‘status symbol’ items and I won’t whip out the plastic to buy things...