Buying and selling houses after giving birth to baby

Buying and selling houses should really be avoided when heavily pregnant. However I always said that we’d sell our home when we least expected it. Weeks before I gave birth came as a real surprise. 

Recovery after little C’s birth was proving difficult. My new small companion was waking me five times a night and I was a zombie.

Trying to deal with the logistics of it all, documentation, solicitors, a property chain and move home with a two-week-old baby in tow is not for the faint-hearted.

Hubby packed the whole house up in a day because I couldn’t lift anything heavy. Thankfully we employed the help of a local removals company which made the day of the move a little less nuts.

There were no friends or family to take C out of the equation for a little while, so as the removals guys worked, I was left holding the baby, perched on the only chair left in the house. Breastfeeding did not come easy.

On arrival at our new home my hormones got the better of me as I realised how much we had to do.

The house we were buying was empty and desperately needed an injection of TLC. The stress of packing, moving and unpacking overwhelmed me and I sat and cried on our first night. Ridiculous in hindsight as now it feels like the best move we ever made.

We have sanded down walls, painted inside and out, installed a new boiler, replaced plug sockets, planted an oak tree and have new carpets.


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