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A MUM’S LIFE: Why I celebrate every day as a new mum over 40

I take every opportunity I can to celebrate the fact I’ve become a new mum over 40 – even on my ‘not so perfect days’.

Baby Cyrus is growing up so very fast. Just yesterday I shared a picture of him at seven months on Twitter. He’s crawling, gurgling and has a really cute gummy smile. With the blink of an eye he will have his first tooth.

I really can’t believe how fast the months are flying by since I waved goodbye to my work colleagues and embarked on my maternity leave.

In some ways the months have become easier, not having to worry about all those negative statistics and horror stories surrounding his safe arrival, but they have been harder in other ways. I’m still waiting for my first night of unbroken sleep since his birth!

I try not to worry too much because Cyrus is here and even during the 2am feed, he gives me unbelievable strength and joy. My greatest privilege is to be his maman.

I’m so busy juggling baby stuff, my blog and life in general that I have to seize every special moment and milestone I can through photographs and video.

My advice to other mummies is to take those pictures and video and capture the special moments, even on the ‘not so perfect’ days.

I look back at so many ‘not so perfect’ days, but then look back at the pictures and moments I’ve had since Cyrus was born. They are the most perfect days I have had the pleasure to have.


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