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A MUM’S LIFE: New mum stops for coffee – Ouseburn Coffee Co, Fenwicks, Newcastle

Friday’s child is loving and giving…when he isn’t teething. So what’s a pro-coffee mum with a seven-month-old baby (up several times a night) supposed to do? I set myself a challenge to find Newcastle’s most comforting coffee shop (one where I could sip and relax and somewhere Master C didn’t turn into a bubbling brew).

Review: I sometimes struggle to find the time to socialise, never mind find time for myself, so when Cyrus does get some shut-eye, I make a beeline for my favourite store – Fenwicks in Newcastle upon Tyne.

I’m used to toting him along wherever I go these days, so if you see me in my sleep-deprived state, I’m just trying to get through the week, occasionally with a coffee in hand and sometimes supportive friends around the table.

Why Fenwicks? Well there’s a part of me that’s desperate for some adult interaction during the day and just because I chose to have a baby at 40 does not mean I have to drink away my problems at home. I also admit to being intrigued by the words behind the Ouseburn Coffee Company counter ‘Nitro bar’ which sounded like it may provide just the right chemistry for the day ahead.

Now it’s rare that I get a chance to have coffee in Fenwicks food hall because there are a limited number of seats and usually they are all filled, such is the popularity of the store. It must have been my lucky day to find a spare seat that day.

The chic black and white exterior of the coffee bar was tastefully decorated, while the company’s menu was extensive. It was more than I could have hoped for (espresso, piccolo, nitro…) and tea as well as quite a few other beverage options. There was a whole host of food items to select from The Naked Deli too, but since I had to steer my buggy to the last remaining seat while holding a hot cup of coffee, I decided to leave the deli for another day.

The barista who took my order and made my coffee was friendly and willing to talk about the coffee on the menu, despite me just ordering my usual latte (£2.80).

I was grateful when he also offered me a helping hand with my coffee while I secured the best seat in the house…next to a huge display of Easter chocolates. It was delightful and just about everything I could have hoped for in a coffee shop experience.

From its decor to its menu offerings and cleanliness, the food hall and Ouseburn Coffee Company offered me a tranquil spot to unwind and relax in while baby C slept, oblivious to the hustle and bustle around him. It’s well worth a visit as there’s plenty of space for buggies in the seating area. Cyrus was so content that I was also able to browse the food hall for some of my favourite products before we left to meet his baba (daddy) that afternoon.

Tip: Fenwicks has one of the best baby-changing facilities in Newcastle, tucked away on the third floor.


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