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My view on Tyne and Wear Metro’s Baby on Board badges

With a history of low blood pressure and fainting, there were times when I really needed to take a seat while travelling on the Metro in early 2016 during pregnancy.

It wasn’t that I had a long journey, travelling daily between the stations of Wallsend and Monument during rush-hour. It was more to do with the frequent bouts of morning sickness that would suddenly come over me in waves.

As I suffered in silence, I often thought how good it would be if people around me actually knew I was pregnant in the early months. It would mean I wouldn’t awkwardly have to ask someone to give up their seat.

Frankly, a pregnant mum shouldn’t even need to ask – as taking a seat on public transport is for their own safety and that of their growing baby.

There’s enough to worry about when you’re a new mum-to-be over 40, without having to be afraid of fainting on a bustling train to work.

While I was comfortable towards the end of my pregnancy in rubbing my growing bump and asking strangers if they’d give me their seat, many women don’t want to reveal their medical history.

Now being a blogger, I like to keep a good eye on new developments in the baby world. And while ‘Baby on Board’ badges aren’t exactly a new thing, the launch of Tyne and Wear Metro’s Baby on Board badges has me really excited because it’s been launched on my home turf.

Nexus, which owns and manages Metro, has introduced the badges to help keep pregnant women safe, so they get a seat on the train when they need it.

I can’t help but think how much easier my life would have been if I’d had one of these to wear. I’m sure I’d have been far less consumed with worry.

While simple in their design, I believe the badges will really make a difference for mums-to-be across North Tyneside.Each badge has the slogan ‘Baby on Board’ and the iconic Metro logo underneath in Metro’s traditional yellow and black colour scheme.

The badges, which also come as key rings, are free and available from all Nexus Travel Shops now.

It’s great that midwives across Tyne and Wear will also hand out the Baby on Board badges to expectant mums.

A bit of background …

The scheme was first introduced on London Underground after a report revealed that pregnant passengers were made to stand for an average of five stops before being offered a seat. Shockingly, 35 per cent of mums-to-be were never offered a seat.

The Duchess of Cambridge was snapped proudly sporting a Baby on Board badge on a Royal visit to the London Tube in 2013 when she was expecting Prince George.

For more information on the Baby on Board and I Need a Seat schemes, visit www.nexus.org.uk/metro or visit your local Nexus TravelShop.

For regular travel updates regarding Tyne and Wear Metro follow @My_Metro on Twitter, find Metro on Facebook at www.facebook.com/mymetrotw or visit Nexus.org.uk/metro or call Nexus on 0191 202 0747.


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