A guest post on behalf of multicultural family – One Dear World

Today we feature a guest post on behalf of Winnie, Rafael and Alex of One Dear World.

You may remember we featured the multicultural family on their recent Indiegogo journey and here at Saffron & Cyrus HQ, we’ve been following them with interest.

You see we share common ground in that our family also leads a multicultural life – just at the opposite end of the country!

In order to raise awareness of promoting diversity and inclusion within communities for all children, Winnie and her family set to work creating a collection of multicultural dolls and a storybook about them.

As the campaign came to a close, supporters helped the family reach 103 per cent of their goal which is now enabling them to bring the dolls and storybook to life. And here at Saffron & Cyrus HQ, we can’t wait for the launch!

Here is the latest from the team down in London…

The last four months have been a rollercoaster for One Dear World and the family. Soon after the end of our Indiegogo campaign in mid May, Winnie and Alex flew over to Hong Kong to follow-up on the production of the Dear Dolls.

On 21st of April, we started our Indiegogo campaign with a lot of hope, a plan and without really knowing what to expect. We can really say it was a family effort, with Winnie leading the family, being in charge of the social media, marketing and PR, Rafael being the best supporter and Alexander being our doll tester and model for the videos. Alexander’s Grandmas from Hong Kong and Paris helped too!

During the campaign, we have learnt so much about crowdfunding and got lots of positive feedback from parents around the world. We also had to reorganise the family planning, with Alex going full-time to nursery and Yayoula (Dear Grandma in Greek) coming from Paris to take care of him as well as Rafael using his evenings after work to support the campaign!

After those two months of an intense campaign, thanks to the support of friends, families and backers, we reached our crowdfunding target. Although this is not the only point of running a crowdfunding campaign, we would suggest it to any family start-up who wants to raise funds, get media coverage, and build a community too.

But as soon as the crowdfunding campaign ends one might think, the goal is attained, that we reached the mountain summit!! Oh no, that is when it all starts! 😊  After a weekend break, the time came to follow-up with the backers’ orders, the dolls production, and arrangement with testing lab on toy safety tests, while continuing the social media activities to keep engaging our community and much more!

Winnie and Alex were in Hong Kong for a month which allowed her to visit the factory and make arrangements on every single detail involved, to see friends and family and for Alex to immerse in one of his cultures and spend time with Popo (Chinese Grandma) and Gong Gong (Chinese Grandpa), ……….!

What is next for One Dear World you might ask?

In coming months, we will be focusing on making sure the Dear Dolls and our storybook are being produced to the highest standards possible and in a timely manner.  

We will also start again being more active on social media to share interesting content on diversity for kids, multiculturalism and education.  The family is also going to enjoy the sunny weather, so you can expect updates from Hope, Jun, Lea and Parth exploring the London Parks and more!

Many thanks again to all who helped One Dear World come to life! 😊

Winnie, Rafael & Alex




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