Reflections on my first year as a #newmumover40

Let me take you back to this time last year. I’d got through pregnancy and childbirth as a mum-to-be of advanced maternal age – and let’s not forget that this is where the story of my newfound life as a #newmumover40 began.

While initially my new life revolved around changing nappies, washing and feeding little C on very little sleep, I didn’t complain. Everything was awesome because I’d just pulled off the miracle of creating life and felt happier than ever. I didn’t worry about what I looked or felt like in those first few months, I was just elated to be a mum and not much has changed on that front.

It’s also the year I set out on my blogging journey – with no conscious thought that it would be read by so many in such a short space of time – so thank you so much everyone.

Now with little C’s birthday upon us and his dad’s 40th in two days’ time, I thought I’d give you a little taste of the journey we’ve been on over this last year and some of the things we’ve got up to as a multicultural family.

1. The first few weeks

H and I set out to  capture as many precious moments as possible on video.

 2. The big move at two weeks old

Packing up a four-bedroom home in 24 hours and moving to a home that’s been empty for more than a year when you have a two-week-old baby in tow is not for the faint-hearted. But like so many challenges in our lives – we did it – and we haven’t looked back. Read our story by clicking on the image below:

New baby, new home, postpartum move, but no nursery…yet

3. Baby boot camp with KeepFitMammy

I spent many an enjoyable hour at Great Park Community Centre thanks to Vicki Bradley and the KeepFitMammy crew. It’s the only reason I’d ever be a SAHM! The classes are brilliant for new mums over 40 like me and younger mummies too.

#Newmumover40 shapes up with baby boot camp

4. Planting a tree to celebrate the birth

Creating a special and beautiful outdoor space is steeped in Persian tradition. After all, it was ‘Cyrus the Great’ who created the Persian Gardens at Pasargadae. Click here for more information on this. It seemed fitting that we began our garden with a special tree that will grow up with little C! As you can see from the picture below – things are really starting to take shape too!

Why we planted a tree to celebrate the birth of our new baby

5. New Year and not a drop of alcohol

One of the most important life changes I’ve made has been the decision not to drink alcohol. Read my story below:

Why I don’t drink alcohol as a midlife mum

6. Making new friends

Making new friends might have been a whole lot harder if it wasn’t for the KeepFitMammy crew at Great Park Community Centre in Newcastle.

Never underestimate the power of a humble cuppa with a new mum

7. A spot of networking

I actually found this networking group towards the end of my maternity leave and wished I’d discovered it earlier! Being back at work full-time, I’ve had to give the sessions a miss – but one day I’ll return!

Why networking is more important than ever for this midlife mummy blogger

8. Celebrating Chaharshanbe Suri

We’ve done so much in our first year, including some Persian cultural celebrations. I want little C to grow up knowing all about the world around him and his cultural heritage.

How we celebrated the Persian fire jumping festival – Chaharshanbe Suri – in our intercultural family

9. Little C dabbled in ARTventurers

I perhaps should have been more prepared for such messy play myself, but this session proved worth it’s weight in gold for little C. He had a great time!

Cyrus and The Tiger Who Came To Tea at ARTventurers #Newcastle

10. Celebrating Seezdah Beedar

How we celebrated Seezdah Beedar in true Persian style in the beautiful Derwent Valley Country Park

11. Back to work

How it feels to be a #newmumover40 back in the hot seat at work after maternity leave

12. One week and two very special milestones

Now while I haven’t actually written my post yet about little C’s first birthday and his baba’s 40th, it’s fair to say a good time was had by all! We were so very grateful to Canatrice Bakery in St Anselm Road, North Shields, North Tyneside for providing such a lovely birthday cake. A blog post will most certainly follow, but for now we are still celebrating on holiday with family!









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