Why I caved in and bought a Sophie la Giraffe

As I type this post, six-month old Cyrus is currently hurling around a rubber giraffe ring gleefully, chewing on it and covering it in a rather sticky, thick layer of gloop.

Now while I’m not one for buying unnecessary ‘status symbol’ items and I won’t whip out the plastic to buy things we don’t need at prices we can’t afford – this giraffe is definitely worth the hype!

There are dozens of ways to waste money on what I call ‘the baby non-essentials’ these days and that’s the category I’d put Sophie la Giraffe into. Little did I realise this top teether’s worth.

My husband and I had heard from lots of people how it was one of the best-selling baby products on Amazon.com. I just wasn’t convinced enough to make me want to part with my cash for a squeaky rubber toy with pupil-less eyes. I couldn’t understand why ANY mum would pay £15 for one…that was until Cyrus started teething.

It took a few weeks of sleep-deprivation before I caved in and headed for Boots at intu Eldon Square, Newcastle. I put it down to weak consumption and Cyrus’s screaming.

It was just a rubber teether, like any of the other animal-shaped teethers I’d bought. It certainly didn’t look like it offered anything different and I even grumbled to the cashier that I didn’t think the toy’s price was justified.

I wasn’t even convinced as I pulled the ribbon off the box and opened it back at home. It looked and felt just like a dog’s chew toy. Yet within minutes it was in Cyrus’s mouth. He chewed first at the face and ears and then nose-dived on it and gave it a good old gnaw. It’s fair to say the squeaker certainly kept us amused for hours. It was so soft, light and easy for him to grasp. The perfect gift for little hands.

I just hadn’t realised that Sophie la Giraffe would turn out to be a gift that kept on giving. If I had I’d definitely have bought one sooner.








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