Beauty for midlife mums – Persian sefid-ab (white water)

beauty-newAs a midlife mum, I’ve become obsessed with everything and anything that will a) Get rid of my lines and wrinkles and b) Stop the kids calling me “grandma” in future in the playground.

I’ve never been afraid to dabble with things that help improve my skin, eyes and hands, so when I discovered an exfoliator called sefid-ab during a visit to see my in-laws in Persia, I was more than happy to try it out.

I’ve found it helps release toxins from my skin and works great on clogged pores, cellulite, stretch-marks and crow’s feet and fine lines under the eye area.

Sefid-ab or white water is an ancient Iranian cosmetic and cleanser that is used to exfoliate the skin. It can be used by both men and women and works best on all skin types when teamed up with a kiseh or exfoliator mitt.


The sefid-ab is a white-coloured chalky substance made of animal fat and naturally occurring minerals. (Clearly no good for vegetarians or vegans – and you shouldn’t use it if you have an allergic reaction).

Application (body): I wet the sefid-ab and began by rubbing it on to the kiseh in the shower. I then rubbed it on to my skin in a circular motion to remove the dead skin and dirt before rinsing several times and brushing off the remaining debris. The circular motion was most effective as I found it less abrasive than the back and forth movement. The result was baby soft skin which felt rejuvenated and radiant and I hadn’t spent a fortune.

Application (face): As the sefid-ab is quite a harsh exfoliator, I covered my face with Vaseline before applying it with water to my skin. Beginning with my forehead, I scrubbed in a circular motion towards one side of my face, down on to my chin and then on to the opposite side of my face. I then rinsed several times with water and wiped away any debris.

After using sefid-ab on my face, I apply a mixture of almond, olive oil and glycerin to moisturise my skin. One tsp of each is enough.






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