New mum stops for coffee – Caffe Nero, Intu Eldon Square, Newcastle

coffeeshopsCold coffee is my life and so I really needed the perfect perk-me-up that would leave me feeling full of beans. So what was  a pro-coffee mum with a teething baby (up several times a night) supposed to do? I set myself a challenge to find Newcastle’s most comforting coffee shop (one where I could sip and relax and somewhere Master C didn’t turn into a bubbling brew).

Review: Since Cyrus is one of those babies who will not be put down, my baby carrier is easily the most treasured item in our home. I use it A LOT and it’s excellent for getting around and keeping C close to me while he observes things from his little pouch.

However it’s not without some drawbacks and it’s not always easy to fumble around in a changing bag for a bottle of milk when you’re wearing a baby carrier. Caffe Nero helped me to survive the day’s episode by offering to bring my coffee over to me.

Sometimes the smallest actions can have the biggest impact and this gesture of goodwill meant the world to me. The only downside was that when we found a table it was a little bit on the grubby side with spills on the table and the floor. It was such a pity since both my latte and the barista had been so lovely. All in all, the atmosphere was calm and cosy and I was able to relax and unwind on one of the sofas as Master C slept.






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