New mum stops for coffee – Starbucks, Old Eldon Square, Newcastle

coffeeshopsCold coffee is now my life. When Master C wakes me up, usually around the time late-night revellers in town are just heading home, I start the day. So what’s a pro-coffee mum with a teething baby (up several times a night) supposed to do? I set myself a challenge to find Newcastle’s most comforting coffee shop (one where I could sip and relax and somewhere Master C didn’t turn into a bubbling brew).

Review: I assumed iced coffee was a sensible alternative since I was wearing a baby carrier and had previous for spilling hot beverages over myself. However things got even more complicated when ice came into the equation.

You see, by the time Master C had dribbled, chewed and polished off the contents of his bottle, the iced coffee was more of a slush. The coffee flavour had been diluted beyond recognition and I might as well have opted for a hot beverage after all. So it was back to the counter for a latte.

Now given that by this time I had taken Master C out of his sling, I was unable to grapple with both child and hot coffee very well. I had thought that one of the friendly baristas would have AT LEAST added a sleeve to my take-away cup – #healthandsafety. Instead I had to ask for one and then juggle carrying both baby and hot coffee back to my table.

The experience left me sorely disappointed. Given that Master C had enjoyed people-watching as he guzzled down his milk, the tables were clean and I did get to drink a relatively hot beverage after sitting down, we’ve given Starbucks a not so bad rating (see below). We were unimpressed with the service however and hope that it improves the next time we visit.

Starbucks, Old Eldon Square, Newcastle


Ice try … cold coffee as usual





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